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Update on Wichita radio station’s refusal to air ads for abortion clinic

TweetAs we’ve reported in the last few weeks, Clear Channel in Wichita, Kansas, has been refusing to air ads for the local reproductive health clinic, South Wind Women’s Center. The ads, Clear Channel says, are “indecent.” Not indecent? Ads for “male enhancement,” and for local adult book shops (man, that’s a lot of euphemisms. Boner [...]
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Breaking ground in the war on uterus: Kansas also changes tax code to exclude abortion

TweetVanessa mentioned yesterday that Kansas passed a bill that forces doctors to lie to their patients if they think the treatment they might provide would hurt the health of a fetus. This same bill holds another provision yet to be seen in the fight against abortion– it prohibits patients from deducting the cost of abortion [...]
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Utah, Arizona and Kansas pass extreme anti-choice legislation (and the new GOP anthem)

TweetIt’s kind of laughable that as GOP denial continues with their whole “the ‘war on women’ is a myth” talking points on the airwaves and talk shows, GOP state legislation continues to dig themselves in a deeper and deeper hole with state legislation that completely screws Americans with uteri and their families. Here are a few [...]
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Kansas House set to introduce “personhood” amendment

TweetAdding it to the ton of other states where the fertilized-egg-as-person a.k.a. “personhood” amendments are in the works, but this one could actually result in something. Via AP: Twenty-five Kansas House members have agreed to sponsor a proposed “personhood” amendment to the state constitution to ban abortion and are close to introducing it, the leader [...]
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Yep, Topeka, Kansas actually decriminalized domestic violence

TweetAs I wrote last week, Topeka, Kansas has been weighing the idea of decriminalizing domestic violence to avoid footing the bill for prosecuting the cases. And last night, despite the protests from advocates and incredulous national headlines, the City Council voted to do just that. The New York Times reports: By a vote of 7 [...]
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