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UndocuYouth respond to Justin Bieber deportation buzz

Tweet Last week I wrote about the fact that in spite of racking up $20,000 worth of damages by egging a neighbor’s house, Justin Bieber is in no real danger of being deported. Not because the crime doesn’t merit it (that’s not a judgement I’m interested in) but because he’s white, rich, and famous. Well, [...]
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Justin Bieber won’t be deported because he’s rich and white

Tweet I don’t know how this keeps happening, but somehow I’m writing about Justin Bieber again. I couldn’t sing one of his songs if there was a gun pointed at my head, but this kid keeps causing trouble in matters that are close to my heart. What did he do this time? The singer allegedly [...]
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In context: Justin Bieber’s racist graffiti

TweetImage Credit In the past few weeks I have been forced to think and talk about Justin Bieber more than I had ever hoped to do in this lifetime. Generally, I could care less about the teenage pop star, but lately he has been making headlines with his behavior abroad, some of which we have [...]
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Colombian police kills boy, protects Justin Bieber, for graffiti

Tweet When 16-year-old Colombian┬áDiego Felipe Becerra was “caught” painting graffiti in Bogota, Colombia, the police shot him to death. When Justin Bieber wanted to grace a tunnel in the same city with his inane graffiti, the police escorted and protected him. Tweet
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BREAKING: OMFG Justin Bieber is anti-choice

Tweet Okay okay, I know it’s hardly “breaking,” but considering everyone and their mother is scarily obsessed with the teen pop star (I’ll admit my out-of-date ass couldn’t name one of his songs), it’s not something not to be concerned about; it’s already getting a decent amount of pick-up on gossip blogs. Sigh. In his [...]
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