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Reported Rapes in the Military on the Rise, Prosecutions Still Low

TweetCheck out community poster ArmyVetJen’s take (who beat us to the punch) on the new statistics just released by the Pentagon showing that there has been a 9% increase in the reports of sexual assault in the military over the past year. AP reports: The Pentagon said it received 2,923 reports of sexual assault across [...]
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4000 women run for office in Iraq

Tweet In an effort for women to regain footing in Iraqi government and decision-making, it has become a requirement for every 3rd elected seat in Iraq to be held by a woman. As a result, 4000 women will be running in this year’s election. Nibras al-Mamuri is a secular female candidate who argues that fundamentalists [...]
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Domestic Violence in Military Families

TweetI was glad to see that the New York Times is continuing their important coverage of veteran issues, especially when it comes to violence stateside. Sunday they ran a story about the Army’s major domestic violence problem. This piece continued their commitment to reporting on the ways in which veterans’ families have born the brunt [...]
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Women at war in Iraq.

TweetThere are many misperceptions about the role of women in the Iraq war. We have written about the role and rate of sexual violence in the military and this is an interesting radio interview with a several women that have served in the Iraq war. It goes into the role of women in the military [...]
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Veteran’s Day Special: We love our soldiers so much, they too have to pay for their own rape kits

TweetSorry to conflate two issues, because in the same breath that I was going to post something for Veteran’s Day to remind us of the soldiers in Iraq and that we must hold a new administration accountable to get them the fuck out, this article popped up on my screen, and, well, it is really [...]
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