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How “Operation Iraqi Freedom” killed women’s freedom

TweetThe saddest part of the story is the lost memory of what Iraqi women once were. I grew up in Baghdad with a working mother who drove herself to the office and always told me that I could anything I wanted with my life. My mother’s friends were factory managers, artists, principals and doctors. It [...]
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The truth about our wars

TweetRon Paul is a massive racist. I am absolutely not OK with that. Many of his views are incredibly dangerous. He should never ever ever be president. I am also disgusted by the role of Super PACs in our political landscape. Citizens United was a terrible ruling from a Supreme Court that’s just as much [...]
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Obama’s “Mission Accomplished” Moment

Tweet So you may have heard that Obama has declared the Iraq War is now part of America’s past, not its present — in theory, fulfilling one of his campaign promises. But I’m of the same mind as Shark Fu: When you take a shit in the middle of the room and then smear that [...]
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Conversations About Iraq

TweetMy friend Ben Brown has been on a very unique road trip. Essentially he is traveling around the country with a bombed out car from Iraq, parking it, and recording folks’ reactions. Here’s the summary from the site: He [artist Jeremy Deller] will travel aboard an RV with Esam Pasha, artist and formerly a translator [...]
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The Combat Within: Female Veterans and PTSD Benefits

TweetGo check out Courtney’s newest column at the American Prospect about the need for female veterans who are sexual assault survivors and are suffering PTSD to be classified as disabled and eligible for services. It makes a certain amount of sense that the Veterans Affairs Office is compelled to differentiate combat from non-combat veterans. Those [...]
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