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What would Erick Erickson’s vagina say?

TweetErick Erickson, right wing blogger and political commentator, is afraid of ladies that won’t submit to an agenda that destroys every right we’ve earned. So much so, that he called the Democratic National Convention the “Vagina Monologues.”  He apologized. But not really, he apologized for offending you, you easily offended vagina-haver. He didn’t apologize for [...]
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Samantha Bee reports from the RNC: Republicans support Romney’s “choice” on abortion

TweetPredictably, the only coverage of the Republican National Convention I really care about comes from The Daily Show. Following up on her excellent exploration of Bristol Palin’s “rhymes with voice” at the 2008 convention, Samantha Bee talked to some GOPers about “individual liberty” and what they think about Romney’s stance on abortion exceptions. The Daily [...]
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Pic of the Day: Giant uterus heads for GOP convention

TweetPayback is a bitch. Via.   P.S. Seriously though, we sincerely hope all affected by the hurricane will be okay, including asshole Republicans. Tweet
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Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell premieres August 9th on FX

Tweet Yes, that’s right–one of our own has made it to the airwaves–the brilliant W. Kamau Bell has his own TV show called Totally Biased. It’s produced by Chris Rock and is employing a list of writers that could easily change the game for comedy. It premieres tomorrow at 11pm on the FX network. When was the last [...]
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Anti-gay bigot gets honorable mention in Darwin awards

TweetThis made my day. Anti-gay bigot Michael Leisner is pissed at General Mills.  So pissed in fact, he wanted to set a poor box of Cheerios (yes, honey nut!) on fire just so you know how mad he is that General Mills supports marriage equality. What transpires once Mr. Leisner begins his mini-bonfire of resistance [...]
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