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It’s 2013. Let’s end ‘booth babes’ for good

Tweet Woman of the future, when perhaps one can present technology and also simultaneously not be objectified. Scene: It’s the year 2137. The world is doing pretty well. Hoverboards have gone out of style almost as quickly as they came in, surprising a lot of people. UGGs inexplicably live on in popular conceptions of fashion, [...]
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Friday sexism: 12 vintage conduct rules for women from rural Spain

Tweet From the brilliant blog BrainPickings by Maria Popova who notes that things haven’t changed that much.   Tweet
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Colbert to Trump, “1Million to the charity of your choice for me to dip my balls in your mouth”

TweetI sat down today to write a really serious post about racism and belonging (like Zerlina did) in light of Donald Trump’s “big announcement” yesterday. But its hard to engage with someone that makes it their business to annoy people or is a Known GOP Blowhard. His brand is to be a jerk–so I think the [...]
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“Creepy anti women laws” shown in perspective.

TweetComedian and writer Lizz Winstead puts these creepy laws into perspective: Winstead launched Lady Parts Justice last week in response to GOP coordinated war on women’s bodies, health,  and privacy. Winstead offers more in explanation: Look, it’s time to stop being polite and start asking, “What the fuck do you think you are trying to [...]
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He won’t be the brightest, but he’ll be the whitest

TweetGood morning! Here is the newest political parody from Randy Newman, who I already loved because of Toy Story, but who just won my heart all over again with this one. “I’m Dreaming of a White President” is the pretty great way to start your Thursday morning. Lyrics are below the jump. Tweet
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