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Britain posthumously pardons scientist it chemically castrated

TweetAlan Turing was a genius, a brilliant mathematician, logician, cryptanalyst, and considered the father of computer science and artificial intelligence. He helped crack the Enigma Code used by Nazis and, many historians argue, is responsible for shortening World War Two by two years, saving countless lives and ensuring victory for the Allies. So, why was this [...]
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GOPers defend reality TV homophobe, are confused about First Amendment

TweetSo apparently there is a reality television show called Duck Dynasty, and one of the stars was suspended from the program for saying something homophobic. So naturally, the GOP is running to defend him. Wait what? Tweet
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We’re here, we’re queer, we’re also looking for BFFs

TweetIf you haven’t read Ann Friedman’s piece last week on courting friendships in the same vein we court relationships, you should.  Ann gives language to a situation that most, if not all of us are faced with: how do we make meaningful friendships in adulthood? Her piece prompted me to ask a question of my own: what changes for queer [...]
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Weekly Feminist Reader

Tweet What the tech industry has to do with the future of health. We still don’t have a good way of talking about pursuing friendship. The dangerous transphobia of Roald Dahl’s Matilda. “When I fully burned off the anxiety inherited from my mother’s unlived life.” How the rise of men’s rights activists are hurting women and [...]
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Friday Feminist Fuck You: Barilla pasta

TweetFuck you, pasta. Guido Barilla, the chairman of (you guessed it) Barilla pasta, hates the gays. Grub Street writes: [Barilla] went on a Radio24 program to explain the company’s apparent position against depicting gay couples or families in its advertisements. “I would never do (a commercial) with a homosexual family, not for lack of respect [...]
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