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Real talk from Zoe Saldana on equality

TweetZoe Saldana discusses the intense standards put on women in Hollywood, mothering and the expiration date of sexy. via Upworthy.  (If someone can create a transcript, that would be great!) Tweet
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“It’s hard to find female leads that are flawed and interesting and dynamic”

TweetSo Rashida Jones wrote one for herself. Jones co-wrote and stars in Celeste and Jesse Forever, which comes out in New York and LA tomorrow, and she gave a really interesting interview to Women and Hollywood, in which she reflected on how feminism has changed women’s lives in America, and how Hollywood is reflecting that [...]
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FYI, Western world: African men are not coming to kill you

TweetAn awesome and innovative campaign by Mama Hope to break stereotypes and get important work done in the process. Via Upworthy. Tweet
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The Hunger Games: A story for women and girls that everyone can love

Tweet The only thing that could have made me more excited about The Hunger Games is if the trailer was put to Rihanna…Oh look! In case you didn’t notice (ha!), last night The Hunger Games premiered at midnight across the country. The highly-hyped movie sold more advance tickets on Fandago than any other non-sequel film [...]
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Quick hit: Why are all those movie trailers voiced by men?

TweetThe New York Times ran an article last weekend about why so few movie trailer voiceovers are performed by women. The article discussed the perception that women’s voices aren’t strong enough to cut through the noise of a movie trailer, and suggested that even if they can, many of us trust men’s voices more than women’s: [...]
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