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Weekly Feminist Reader

Tweet Malia and Sasha in the White House: dangerous narrative about the progress of African-American girls. Social media, teens, moral panic, and the sexual predators that “lurk everywhere”. Cooking skills and farm vegetables in inner-city Washington D.C. “Beyonce is asking ‘how come,‘and so am I.” Corporate sponsors flee from Boston’s homophobic St. Patrick’s Day parade. [...]
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Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

Tweet The other September 11th: Tomorrow marks the 40 year anniversary of Augusto Pinochet’s U.S.-backed coup against Salvador Allende’s elected government in Chile. Watch and/ or listen to the song Amanda, sung by Victor Jara the folk singer brutally murdered under Pinochet. His wife is now suing his killer. [transcript and translation of the song [...]
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Scientists say a baby girl born with HIV has been cured

TweetA turning point in HIV/AIDs medicine yesterday–scientists have found a baby girl that they believe has been cured of HIV through the application of heavy doses of anti-viral drugs within the first 2 days of birth. via NPR, The fact that the newborn tested positive for HIV within 30 hours of birth is a sign [...]
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Friend and activist William Brandon Lacy Campos dies at 35

Tweet There is little I could write that would do justice to the memory of a friend and activist who spent his life pushing how we understand gender, sexuality, HIV, sex, friendship, race, words, movement-building and, well, hugs. W. Brandon Lacy Campos gave great hugs, the kind that would last for days. The kind you [...]
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You can now test for HIV at home

TweetThe Food and Drug Administration has approved OraQuick, a product that allows you to test for HIV in your own home. An over-the-counter test already existed but required you to prick your finger and send the blood sample to a lab.  But the new test allows users to take a swab from the inside of [...]
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