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Religious attack on no co-pay birth control coverage defeated

TweetThe Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced today that it will not allow an expanded religious exemption to the requirement for no co-pay birth control coverage that HHS ruled on in August. The administration’s exemption for insurance plans provided by houses of worship will remain in place. Conservative religious groups, including the influential [...]
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This Week: Protest Health and Human Services Decision to Restrict Morning-After Pill Access

Tweet This Thursday, New York Women’s Liberation has organized an action in NYC to protest the Health & Human Services (HHS) decision to restrict morning-after pill (emergency contraception or EC) access. You’ll remember that  Kathleen Sebelius and the administration killed our hopes that the decade-long political debacle around EC was finally coming to a close [...]
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Pharmacists routinely misinform young women about whether they can get emergency contraception

TweetOn the heels of the outrageous, unprecedented HHS decision to overrule the FDA’s recommendation to make Plan B fully available without a prescription comes a new study revealing just how inaccessible emergency contraception is–even for those women who theoretically already have over-the-counter access. Researchers posing as 17-year-old women called pharmacies around the country to ask [...]
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New rules finalized protecting patients’ right to choose hospital visitors

TweetBack in April, President Obama took on the issue of a hospital patient’s right to be visited by the person of their choosing. He specifically addressed cases in which same-sex partners were denied access to their loved ones in hospital. Well starting now, that changes–at least for hospitals participating in Medicare and Medicaid (which is [...]
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