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Quick Hit: Tiger Beatdown on Anderson Cooper and snarky straight people

TweetAt Tiger Beatdown, the endlessly excellent Emmy has a great post about why it’s really not helpful or progressive or cool when straight people get snarky about Anderson Cooper coming out. “Many of the reactions from heterosexual progressives that I observed around social media in response were, to be blunt, really fucking annoying and entitled,” [...]
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Time Magazine predicts women as “The Richer Sex”, but is this old news for black women?

TweetOver at EBONY, I wrote about a recent article from TIME Magazine which suggested that women will overtake men as breadwinners in the next generation.  As a result of this change, according to the article’s author Liza Mundy, traditional cisgender, straight relationship dynamics could potentially shift.  What TIME doesn’t necessarily consider is the fact that [...]
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Friday Feminist Fuck Yeah: queer family models

Tweet In this video, Shawnta Smith and Jas Cruz, who are are ex-wives or best friends depending on which one of them is doing the telling, talk about the home they’ve built together and what it means to them and their community. It’s wonderful. They have separate beds but their bookcase is merged. I mean, [...]
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New ad for “Cosmo for Guys” lets you get inside a girl’s head

TweetSome ads, such as the Summer’s Eve videos we covered recently, seem doomed to be sexist and terrible because the product they’re selling is. This new video promoting an iPad-only “Cosmo for Guys” magazine that promises to let (straight) men know “what women want” is like that. As bad as this ad is, I’m sure [...]
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Desperately Seeking Sterilization: the politics of privilege

Originally posted in Community Blog

TweetMy post-collegiate boyfriend was an affable Dane who later became a public school teacher. Children loved him, and (I think) he loved children, but he didn’t want to have any of his own. That was his story, anyway. He spoke loudly and often about not wanting to breed, or parent, or do anything involving the [...]
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