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GOP wants to replace Obamacare with invisible unicorn

TweetThe Republican party lost a big fight last week.  Obamacare was ruled constitutional and the GOP has been caught fumbling and stumbling over their words for the past few days, struggling to find a singular line of attack against Obamacare. First, they are calling Obamacare the greatest tax increase in history because of the “penalty” [...]
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Arizona GOP debate audience boos birth control

TweetThe Republican debate booers are back! Earlier in this primary cycle, Republican debate audiences booed a gay soldier, former presidential hopeful Governor Rick Perry bragging about a high number of executions under his leadership in Texas, and cheered the idea of letting an uninsured man who couldn’t afford necessary medical treatment die. Last night, the [...]
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How the war on reproductive rights hurts women with disabilities

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Tweet*TRIGGER WARNING* With one of today’s articles on Feministing’s main page being Eesha Pandit’s coverage of the NC victims of eugenics sterilization being compensated, as well as the training I participated in for the organization I work for, I got to thinking about just how vulnerable women with disabilities are to sexual assault – and [...]
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Victims of eugenic sterilization in NC to be compensated

TweetFrom 1929 to 1974 about 7,600 (and possibly more) people were sterilized without their consent because they were assessed by state social workers to be “feeble-minded,” having a “mental disease” or suffering from epilepsy. Many of those that were forcibly sterilized  were poor, black women deemed unfit to be parents. From NPR: People as young as [...]
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It’s better (and worse) than we thought: UN releases 2011 Human Development Report

TweetGiven that it’s a new year, it’s the perfect time to highlight the previous year’s human development news. Human development is about expanding people’s choices and building sustainable societies on shared natural resources. Recently released, the 2011 Human Development Report from the United Nations Development Fund focuses on linking the challenge of sustainable development to the [...]
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