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Facebook’s “stalker” application.

Tweet“Stalking” seems to have become the stand-in word for checking someone out on Facebook. I have been thinking a lot about how it says so much about how we feel about viewing other people’s information on Facebook. Information on Facebook is volunteered information and Facebook has several privacy settings (albeit hard to use sometimes), but [...]
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How to win black “friends” and influence people on the internet

Tweet When I met Anna (Feministing’s awesome community moderator) in person for the first time, she recognized me right away — because, she confessed, “I creeped you on Facebook.” I love this turn of phrase. “Stalk” has long been the verb of choice to describe the type of checking-people-out-online that we all do. I’ve always [...]
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The Feministing Five: Holly Kearl

TweetHolly Kearl is an anti-street harassment activist, founder of the blog Stop Street Harassment, and author of the forthcoming book of the same name. She founded the blog as part of her Master’s thesis, and now, it is host to the stories of hundreds of women who have been harassed on streets all over the [...]
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How not to (not to) spend Spring Break

TweetIt’s that time of year again–Spring Break time. Spring academic recesses will break out across the nation. Some will stay home with family, or remain at school and study. Some will choose a public service alternative, or spend time with a domestic or international aid organization. Despite these attractive spring break options, countless people will [...]
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Trans students’ rights are more than dress codes

TweetSeeing women’s and feminist issues relegated to the “Styles” section of The New York Times is nothing new. And while I was glad to see students’ rights and gender taken up in the NYT, presenting the continued harassment of trans students (by peers and educators) as a mere dress code problem is incredibly problematic. Last [...]
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