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Herman Cain responds to accusations of inappropriate behavior by not responding to accusations of inappropriate behavior

Tweet According to Politico, Herman Cain engaged in sexually suggestive behavior towards at least two female employees during his time at the National Restaurant Association. Suspiciously, the women signed agreements and received financial settlements to leave the association. It’s hard not to continually question Herman Cain’s legitimacy as a candidate, with his faulty logic, annoying bravado and frightening policy [...]
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On Being a Chef, a Woman, and the Need for Safe Spaces

Originally posted in Community Blog

TweetEvery once in a while I come across an article on the internet about female chefs. A quick Google search for ‘female chef’ pulls up sparse results, usually a year or more between each entry. If you search ‘female pastry chef’ (more relevant to me because I AM one), you find still less. The articles [...]
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Queer couple forced to leave Raleigh NC shopping center after kiss

TweetVia Pam’s House Blend In addition to the ridiculousness of this, I had to blog it because a) I grew up half an hour from this spot and have been there many times and b) the folks involved are big activists in the Southern LGBTQ movement. A Triangle-area social justice group is planning to demonstrate [...]
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Why do strange men think they’re allowed to touch me?

TweetOne morning last week I was in line at Starbucks, preparing for the long work day ahead. As I stood in line, a man walked through the café, heading for the seating area in the back. He stopped when he reached me, placed a hand on my arm, leaned in close and said, “You’re so [...]
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Facebook’s “stalker” application.

Tweet“Stalking” seems to have become the stand-in word for checking someone out on Facebook. I have been thinking a lot about how it says so much about how we feel about viewing other people’s information on Facebook. Information on Facebook is volunteered information and Facebook has several privacy settings (albeit hard to use sometimes), but [...]
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