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“We’re a culture, not a costume”

Tweet It’s Halloween season folks, and with that also comes the season when politically-minded people cringe at the plethora of offensive halloween costumes that will invariably decorate the shelves. Maya wrote about “sexy” costumes last week. With that in mind, a really poignant ad campaign, of which the poster below is a part, is circulating [...]
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The Wednesday Weigh-In: Sexy Halloween Edition

Tweet Read Part 2 of the cartoon at The Hairpin. “Sexy Virgnia Woolf” is my fav. It’s almost Halloween, you guys! Which means yet another year of eye-rolling about how TEH SEXY has completely taken over. Jillian Tamaki’s costume ideas in Part 2 of the cartoon above are so hilarious/sad because they not very different [...]
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Halloween store’s “Anna Rexia” costume

Originally posted in Community Blog

TweetEditors’ note: This product, which was originally created by Dreamgirl, is no longer carried at Halloweenstore.com as of October 2013. Plenty of people take Halloween as an opportunity to dress in more revealing outfits (/costumes) than they would, say, to the office; there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! But it’s irritating that most of the costumes specifically [...]
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Still looking for Halloween costume ideas?

TweetLast year Ann posted some amazing non-sexist, non-racist Halloween costume ideas. I’m reviving the tradition with today’s post, which includes all of Ann’s suggestions from last year, with a few updates. 2010 edition: (Warning, I’m not as funny as Ann, but I will try my best) Constance McMillen (she was the star lesbian youth activist [...]
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WTFS of the Day: Obama and “Illegal Alien” Halloween Costumes

Tweet And by WTFS, I mean this as an even more alarming WTF: “What The Fucking Shit.” Yes, it’s true that Halloween brings out some of the most offensive costumes you could imagine — it’s like the holiday gives folks the opportunity to be openly bigoted — but this site in particular brings out some [...]
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