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People who say more good guys with guns is the solution lack firing neurons

TweetThe NRA’s argument that more guns is necessary to prevent mass shootings, or any shootings was always nonsense.  The ridiculousness of this argument is on display yet again, with the recent news out of Georgia where a man shot and killed a young Latino man who accidentally pulled into his driveway. Via NBC Latino: Rodrigo [...]
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“Women want guns”: In the wake of Sandy Hook, conservatives once again co-opting women’s voices to further agenda

TweetThe horrific Sandy Hook shooting has prompted many moments of national and personal reflection. Since the tragedy, the debate over gun control has felt a bit more tangible and urgent, with many leaders and politicians, most notably President Obama, calling for change and enacting stricter laws and policies. The tragedy has also reignited a conversation [...]
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NRA attacks Sasha and Malia Obama

TweetHere’s hoping that the gun violence prevention proposals coming out of Vice President Joe Biden’s task force are substantial. The American people deserve serious solutions on the issue of gun safety and it’s becoming more and more clear that now is the time to do it. Since the NRA has completely lost their minds. Not [...]
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#MillionHoodies for Trayvon Martin takes over NYC’s Union Square

TweetLast night I threw on my hoodie and attended the #MillionHoodies march for Trayvon Martin in New York City.  The turnout was strong (although there is a bit of debate over whether that was because of Occupy Wall Street or not) and Trayvon’s parents were there to speak to supporters.  This senseless tragedy has capture [...]
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