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Happy almost-weekend, ears!

TweetIt’s Friday morning! I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling pretty sluggish. And you know what gets me out of bed when I’m feeling sluggish? One Direction. Sometimes, after I’m done dancing around my apartment, I feel bad about doing it to One Direction, yikes, some of their lyrics. So after I’m done listening [...]
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(Un)feminist guilty pleasure: I don’t want to critique Magic Mike

TweetFeministing used to run an “(Un)feminist guilty pleasure” series. I liked it – the posts inherently acknowledged the complexities of living as a feminist in an overwhelmingly anti-feminist world. There’s an increasing preasure in the blogosphere to always get it right, to be the perfect feminist, which is impossible and unrealistic – and frankly dangerous [...]
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Make libraries, not unsafe lovin’

TweetGirls Inc. just released important data about girls’ sexual behavior and attitudes based on a comprehensive study conducted in conjunction with Mathematica Policy Research, Inc. The demographic surveyed included 79% girls of color, 63% of whom received free or reduced-price school lunches, so it’s apt for cross-ethnic, cross-class comparisons. For example, Girls Inc. reports: There [...]
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The Wire’s gender problem

TweetStringer Bell is confused. “Whaddaya mean The Wire’s not feminist?” The Wire, the HBO series that ran for five seasons, will apparently live on, despite its shelf life, in a class at Harvard. And Professor William Wilson, the self-admitted “huge fan” who will be teaching the class, is high off of The Wire’s Kool-Aid: “I [...]
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(Un)Feminist Guilty Pleasures: Wedding Blogs

TweetAs a lot of you already know, I’m getting married (this Saturday, eek). And I’m not going to lie, while there was definitely a lot of feminist-minded thought behind my planning process, there was also a lot of…well, other stuff. I succumbed to buying wedding magazines despite their gross consumerism, bought a pair of nearly-unwearable [...]
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