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Romney, the GOP platform and why this isn’t about Todd Akin

Tweet Image via Choose Ryan Lose Choice. As Todd Akin released a really terrible video apology this morning about his “legitimate rape” remarks and Republicans (including Romney) try to distance themselves from the Missouri senatorial candidate, other striking facts have come to light that reminds us what this issue is really about. Just yesterday, the [...]
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Kate Beckinsale wants the GOP in her vagina

TweetThe great thing about the scary, reactionary, time-traveling policies the Republicans are advocating, is that it provides a lot of comedic fodder. Funny or Die has another video on the subject of the GOP’s obsession with controlling vaginas. The video stars Kate Beckinsale, Judy Greer and Andrea Savage. See why these women want Republicans ”way, way deep, up [...]
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Michele Bachmann on women voters: mistaken or dishonest?

Tweet Michele Bachmann appeared on Face the Nation Sunday to share totally incorrect information about women voters. “The myth is there is a Republican war on women. There’s not a Republican war on women…. That’s coming from the Obama reelection team…. Actually, if you look at the 2010 elections, women went Republican. They didn’t go Democrat, [...]
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Obama campaign’s “Life of Julia” and GOP outrage further exposes why they’re losing women’s votes

Tweet In case you missed it, Obama’s presidential campaign released a new website yesterday, The Life of Julia, that draws comparisons between what an American middle class woman’s life would look like under a Romney administration compared to Obama. While on it’s head, the idea of using one (white, cisgender) fictional character to represent the [...]
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Gingrich drops out, nation awakes from months-long fever dream

TweetRemember that puzzling dream you had about a guy who ran for the GOP nomination having resigned under a cloud of scandal in the 1990s? Remember how that candidate from your dream was the opposite of a dream candidate – anti-gay, pro-racist dog whistles, anti-welfare, and pro-moon colony? And remember how the dream seemed to [...]
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