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Electras talk back: responses to Susan Faludi’s Harper’s piece

Tweet Last week, Harper’s published an essay by Susan Faludi about intergenerational feminist tension, in which she examines how the “mother-daughter divide” damages the feminist movement. The way she sees it, younger women have “fallen into the 1920s trap of employing a commercialized ersatz ‘liberation’ to undermine the political mobilization of their mothers.” Amanda Marcotte, [...]
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Do It Anyway

TweetI’m usually a bit reticent about seeming too self-promotional, but in this case, I’m confident that everyone in the Feministing community deserves to know about the work of the activists in my new book, just released today, called Do It Anyway: The New Generation of Activists. In it, I profile eight diverse people 35 and [...]
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Sometimes women are just assholes, OR resisting generalizations in intergenerational discourse

TweetAs many of you know, I’ve been known to think a lot about intergenerational issues, particularly when it comes to feminism. As I’ve stepped into the role of mentor in the last few years, it’s pushed me to reflect more on my own expectations and experiences of the older women who stepped into my life [...]
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In [Partial] Defense of the Hipster Generation

Tweet All this talk about youth in the pro-choice movement and the legacy of baby boomer activists, including civil rights leaders, has got me thinking about what my own generation’s legacy will be. And, surprisingly, scarily, tellingly, I’ve come up with this one word, a word that inspires fear, disgust, and admiration simultaneously; a ubiquitous [...]
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Young women are the future of feminism

TweetOn Wednesday night, I attended a panel at 92Y Tribeca called “Young Women, Feminism and the Future: Third Wavers Then and Now.” It was convened to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the publication of Manifesta, by Amy Richards and Jennifer Baumgardner, which the pair wrote together to draw attention to the ways that feminism was [...]
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