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Polyamory: we’re not doing it wrong

TweetI’m 25, and I identify as polyamorous. It’s an important identity for me because it helps me deconstruct and contextualize the relationships I’ve had in the past, and acknowledge the relationships that I currently have. A recent title by Julie Bindel, “Rebranding polyamory does women no favors”, caught my attention. It was a well informed [...]
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Not Oprah’s Book Club: Traveling with Pomegranates

TweetThis travel memoir, co-authored by mother and daughter, is undeniably beautiful, but also a few metaphors and flowery descriptions beyond authentic. It falls squarely in the new camp of writers following in Elizabeth Gilbert’s footsteps to take messy transition and reorder it into compelling, albeit disingenuous, narrative. Change, in my experience, doesn’t happen in three [...]
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More magazine features “The New Feminists”

TweetHere’s what I love about the new MORE Magazine article on “The New Feminists”: Their self-professed motivation was to halt the seemingly endless lament, “There are no young feminists,” and show some of them, listen to them, and highlight their work. Feministing is represented heartily (go Perez! go Jess! go me!). There is actually quite [...]
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Responding to Susan Faludi: On mentoring and “being seen”

TweetSusan Faludi’s recent piece in Harper’s on intergenerational conflict in the feminist movement has already provoked thoughtful rebuttals—both here on Feministing and across the feminist blogosphere. Like others, I found her stereotyping of young feminists as matricidal, materialistic, and frivolous to be insulting and unfair; choosing Courtney Martin, of all people, to represent this young [...]
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Electras talk back: Jennifer Baumgardner

Tweet We’re appreciative to Jennifer Baumgardner for adding her two cents to end our week-long series  in response to Susan Faludi’s recent Harper’s article. In the late 1990s, Phyllis Chesler wrote a book called Letters to a Young Feminist. It really rankled me at the time, in part because I was part of very large [...]
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