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On Wendy Long (and other women candidates who couldn’t care less about women)

Tweet Feministing Editor Emeritus Ann Friedman has said it before, and it’s become a kind of mantra here: A woman candidate is not the same thing as a woman’s candidate. New York GOP candidate for U.S. Senate Wendy Long pretty much embodies this statement — and she’s strongly vying for Senator Kristen Gillibrand’s seat. Luckily [...]
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Quick hit: New Catalyst study finds that women do ask

TweetBut they don’t get. At least, not at the same rates as men do. Two researchers from Catalyst, a research and consulting organization that aims to make workplaces more diverse and equitable, are writing a series for the Washington Post about gender inequity in the workplace. Their first article features research from a new Catalyst [...]
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Yes, women still earn 75% as much as men

Tweet Have you been repeating the stat that women earn only 75% as much as their male counterparts for years but secretly wondered if it could possibly still be true? Well, according to a report released yesterday by the White House, it still is! Which is pretty damn sad. Described as the most comprehensive federal [...]
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Breaking: Paycheck Fairness Act Fails to Pass in the Senate

TweetFan-fucking-tastic: Senate Republicans have succeeded in blocking a measure designed to reduce wage disparities between men and women. The 58-41 vote to take up the Paycheck Fairness Act fell short of the 60 needed to overcome GOP opposition. Civil rights groups, labor leaders and the Obama administration all supported the bill, which would make employers [...]
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What We Missed

TweetPresident Obama is meeting with Democrats today to discuss the DREAM Act. In the meantime, the media still inaccurately uses the i-word. We’re number 19! We’re number 19! The World Economic Forum just released its Global Gender Gap report. Speaking of gender gaps, The Center for American Progress Action Center released a report (including an [...]
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