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Send a Valentine’s Day e-card to your friend, ex, booty call, and more!

Tweet Looking for a Valentine’s Day card for a special someone in your life who doesn’t fit neatly into a little Hallmark-approved box in the romantic-industrial complex? You don’t say! Me too. Thankfully, everyone’s favorite sex ed site, Scarleteen, has got us covered. Tweet
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We’re here, we’re queer, we’re also looking for BFFs

TweetIf you haven’t read Ann Friedman’s piece last week on courting friendships in the same vein we court relationships, you should.  Ann gives language to a situation that most, if not all of us are faced with: how do we make meaningful friendships in adulthood? Her piece prompted me to ask a question of my own: what changes for queer [...]
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Girlfriend or “no” friend: Platonic relationships and sexist tropes

Tweet  Platonic relationships between women have always been “suspect” in the general opinion. We can look back as far as the Salem witch trials, for example, to see exactly how dangerous it was in America for women to build sustainable relationships with one another without the supervision of men. Back then, women who were single, [...]
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10 things we’ve learned from Vanessa

Tweet As you know, Vanessa Valenti, one of the driving forces behind what has made Feministing so great, left us to fully engage in her robust consulting career and business partnership with Courtney Martin. When people leave Feministing, they generally move on to more kinds of awesome, but Vanessa’s role in shaping this space can’t [...]
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Happy Galentine’s Day!

Tweet How are you all celebrating? Check out more cards here. Tweet
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