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Friday Feminist Fuck Yeah: Big DREAMers take to the streets

TweetI am constantly amazed and inspired by the courage of the DREAM Activists, and today’s Friday Feminist Fuck Yeah is in honor of all of those brilliant and beautiful young people who refuse to be made invisible. Yesterday, three DREAMers pictured above, Janet Perez, Rosario Quiroz and Sara Martinez, staged a peaceful protest in front of [...]
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Friday Feminist Fuck Yeah: Our young feminist readers! Who exist!

TweetEven if USA Today says they don’t! Yesterday, USA Today ran an article about how young women don’t identify as feminists anymore. Feminism, the article claims, is “over the hill.” As Jos wrote in response to that article, there’s nothing new about the “feminism is dead” trend piece: people have been announcing the death of [...]
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Friday Feminist Fuck Yeah: Courtney Martin

Tweet As she announced earlier this week, Courtney has ended her time as an Editor here at Feministing. She will be missed by our readers and by the feminist blogosphere at large; as Jill at Feministe said on Wednesday, “Courtney is, basically, a big ol’ hippie with a heart of gold, who writes from a [...]
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Friday Feminist Fuck Yeah: Texas State Rep. Senfronia Thompson

TweetThe Texas state legislature is in rare sexist form this year, and last night State Rep. Senfronia Thompson had enough. A group called the Texas Civil Justice League distributed a flyer showing a baby nursing on a breast with with words over it criticizing a bill they said would expand the “nanny state.” The bill’s [...]
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Friday Feminist Fuck Yeah: National Women’s Studies Association Conference

Tweet**Also, something I didn’t mention-a shout out to my undergraduate adviser at the Women’s Studies Department at SUNY Albany, Vivien Ng, who I saw after 10 years and facilitated me in finding my feminist courage to speak on intersectionality. Tweet
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