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Not So Slick, Rick: Department of Justice suing Florida over voter purge

Tweet Finally. On the same day Rick Scott announced that Florida will be suing the Dept. of Homeland Security to access a database believed to hold information about the citizenship status of Florida voters, the Department of Justice announced that they will be suing the state over violating the National Voter Registration Act and the Voting [...]
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Florida Gov. Rick Scott begins voter disenfranchisement tactics, targeting Latinos

Tweet Many of us know what an exceptionally heinous human being Florida Governor Rick Scott is, and he’s won that title pretty easily over the past few years: vetoing funds for rape centers during Sexual Assault Awareness month, cutting funding to programs for people with disabilities (while conjunctively calling for billions in corporate and property tax [...]
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Florida: You can kill an unarmed teen but can’t defend yourself against an abuser

TweetWhat happens when you have a criminal record, fatally shoot a teenager armed with nothing more than a pack of skittles and an ice-tea and argue you were justified under Florida’s Stand Your Ground Laws? Nothing. The police believe you and it takes a national media campaign to actually get the criminal justice system to [...]
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Experts Say George Zimmerman wasn’t screaming for help

TweetGeorge Zimmerman claims he killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in self- defense, though Zimmerman outweighed Martin by over 60 pounds and though his gun outarmed Martin’s pack of skittles. Part of Zimmerman’s dubious defense claim is that he was the one whose screams for help can be heard on the 911 calls made by concerned neighbors. [...]
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Florida bill would give citizenship to undocumented youth – so long as they enter the military

Tweet “If somebody is willing to die for America, then certainly they deserve a chance at life in America.” No joke, this is what Rep. David Rivera (R-Miami) said when he proposed a bill last week that takes the “DREAM” out of the DREAM Act and replace it as the ARMS (Adjusted Residency for Military [...]
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