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A year in donations

TweetAs 2009 comes to a close I’m wrapping up my first year of giving donations in a deliberate way. I don’t make a lot of money, and in fact I’m worth a negative amount if you count my student loan debt. But this is the first year I’ve made enough money that I have a [...]
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Not Oprah’s Book Club: Get Financially Naked

TweetDid you know that 80% of men die married while 80% of women die single? This isn’t to depress anyone, and no, I’m not going to follow this up with some bogus stat about how it’s harder for a woman in New York City to find a partner than it is to find a unicorn [...]
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Dreams of a feminist business

TweetI’ve been getting really into entrepreneurship lately. It’s strange, to be honest, to be wishing I could have taken business classes in college. I went to a liberal arts school, majored in Anthropology and Spanish, and stayed away from anything practical. But in the years since leaving school, and particularly these last few, I’ve started [...]
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Obama says not funding abortions is “tradition”

TweetWhile Jos alerted us a couple of weeks ago to the anti-choice Democrats who are trying to keep abortion funding out of the health care reform plan, a recent interview with our president makes us wonder if he’s caving into their efforts. In an interview with Katie Couric this week, he finally addressed abortion funding [...]
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Where do you donate?

TweetI just did something that I’ve done more times in the last year than in the rest of my life combined. I responded to an email asking me for money by giving some. This time it was an email from Ira Glass of This American Life. Last week, it was from MotherJones. I also recently [...]
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