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Another Indiana woman is being charged with feticide after seeking medical help

TweetA few years after Indiana tried to charge Bei Bei Shuai with feticide after she attempted suicide, the state is now going after another woman for the crime. Purvi Patel went to the ER with vaginal bleeding after delivering a fetus at home. Initially, prosecutors charged Patel with “felony neglect,” claiming the fetus was born alive and [...]
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Support this campaign to challenge the narratives around parenting and addiction

TweetThe reproductive justice organization Young Women United, which recently helped defeat the 20-week abortion ban proposed in Albuquerque, is launching a new public education campaign around pregnancy and addiction. They’ve launched an Indiegogo campaign to fundraise for a short documentary video to “shift the ways we understand substance use and addiction in our communities.” Women who are substance using and pregnant at [...]
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The war on drugs, fetal personhood, and the criminalization of pregnant women

TweetThe New York Times has a short documentary up exploring the construction of the “crack baby” epidemic – an epidemic that was largely built on racist media hype and flimsy science. This week’s Retro Report video on “crack babies” (infants born to addicted mothers) lays out how limited scientific studies in the 1980s led to [...]
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Congressman Paul Ryan’s war on rape suvivors continues

TweetCongressman Paul Ryan (R-WI) got badly beaten in November, largely based on the “war on women” created gender gap, but instead of returning home and performing any self-evalutation as to why women voted for the president over Team Personhood, Rep. Paul Ryan again sponsored a bill spitting in the eye of rape survivors everywhere.  Apparently, getting [...]
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This is not a person (but soon it might be called one in Mississippi)

Tweet Image via Last reminder: Today Mississippi is voting on an amendment that would take legal rights away from women and give them to fertilized eggs. Yesterday a survey found voters perfectly split–with 45% supporting the amendment and 44% opposed. That means over 10% of voters still need to hear just how extreme this initiative [...]
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