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What’s the right way to be a female Olympic athlete?

Tweet Over the weekend Jeré Longman of the New York Times published this piece about female Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones. It is by all accounts pretty scathing. Alyssa Rosenberg calls it “one of the nastiest profiles” she’s ever seen. David Roth calls the article “unfounded and unfair” and Isaac Rauch of Deadspin found it so [...]
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Why doesn’t Sarah Robles, the highest ranked American weightlifter, have all the athletic sponsorships?

Tweet I mentioned this story about American weightlifter Sarah Robles already, but I think it deserves a whole post. The twenty-three-year-old is the highest ranked weightlifter in the country, beat out every female and male American at the world championships last year, and can lift more than 568 pounds–which is apparently equivalent to one large [...]
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Friday Feminist Fuck Yeah: The US women boxers

Tweet Andrecia Wasson, right, and Raquel Miller at the US women’s boxing Olympic trials. (Photo credit: Jed Conklin/zReportage.com) As we’ve mentioned before, a good century after the men did it, female boxers will compete in the Olympics for the first time this summer. That means that for the first time in Olympic history both men [...]
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Saudi Arabia one step closer to letting women compete in London Games

TweetIt looks like some Saudi women athletes will be allowed to compete in London this summer. According to the New York Times, A pan-Arab newspaper based in London, Al-Hayat, reported Tuesday that the Saudi Crown Prince Nayef bin Abdul Aziz has approved the participation of female athletes in London as long as their sports “meet [...]
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NYT profile senationalizes female athletes’ history of sexual assault

Tweet Quanitta Underwood is a a badass female boxer. She is a five-time national champion. She is ranked fourth in the world in her lightweight division. She’s being hailed as America’s best hope for an Olympic medal in boxing in London this year. She’s a beautiful black American woman who embodies strength, power, and speed [...]
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