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Thank You Thursdays: Father’s day edition

TweetThank you for resigning from the male-only business club in town when I was just a little girl. I remember reading your resignation letter and feeling very special when you mentioned that you wouldn’t be a part of an institution that would one day accept your son, but not your daughter. Thank you for braiding [...]
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Redefining Parenting: Paid “Daddy” Leave vs The Fight for Maternity Leave.

TweetThe New York Times has a piece today about the changing role of father’s in Sweden after a 1995 law that required men to take parental leave. The results have been lower rates of divorce, higher likeliness of joint custody in the case of divorce and men re-prioritizing their lives to work/life balance as opposed [...]
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Caregiving from a male perspective

TweetSometimes the lack of female bylines in the Atlantic Monthly, or the tendency to publish sexist fear-mongering, annoy me. But I have to give it up to the Atlantic for last month’s compelling portrait of caregiving and its discontents by contributing editor Jonathan Rauch. Rauch writes about his incredibly painful and confusing experience of taking [...]
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Designers in Paris Veil Models in Protest of Proposed Burka Ban.

Tweet This story is a few weeks late, but my roommate just sent me a link to a runway show from last month where two French designers had their models go down the runway with “burqa-inspired” looks on, to protest the currently proposed burqa ban in France. This was also a theme in last years [...]
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We all have a lil’ single lady inside

TweetWhy gender policing sucks. Tweet
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