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Ashley Judd nails patriarchy

TweetHer analysis may fall short when it comes to hip hop, but Ashley Judd just nailed an important part of how patriarchy functions. This comes from a column at The Daily Beast in which Judd responds to criticism of her apparently “puffy” appearance. Judd calls out the way the attacks come from women as well [...]
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Why YOU are beautiful, full stop.

Originally posted in Community Blog

TweetOriginally posted on jocelynthemaster.blogspot.com. So here’s the thing. This picture that’s been circulating around Facebook… …is BULLSHIT. I know that not everyone who has posted this has been all “OMG THIS IS SO EFFING TRUE LOVE YOUR BODY <33333333″ and that many people have used it as a jumping-off point for more critical discussion about [...]
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Georgia’s cruel weight loss ads bully children

TweetChildren’s Healthcare of Atlanta has produced a series of ads supposedly with the intention of curbing childhood obesity. I am including some images and video, but after the jump, since these ads are incredibly triggering. Because what they are, simply put, is bullying. Billboards show black and white pictures of children with captions like, “Warning: [...]
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Southwest tells another person they are ‘too fat to fly.’

TweetI recently traveled to Panama for a much needed vacation and on my way back, my friend and I were sitting next to each other in seats neither one of us could comfortably fit in. I was hanging off my seat into the aisle (which of course led to the stewardess constantly going ‘EXCUSE me’) [...]
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Why BMI is bogus

Tweet I sure am glad we’ve got a news organization like NPR in this country (ahem, hear that Congress?). NPR’s “math guy” Keith Devlin went on Weekend Edition Saturday to completely rip the body mass index, or BMI, a measure used in the U.S. to tell people they’re fat and unhealthy and should generally feel [...]
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