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Each dollar spent on publicly funded family planning saves more than $7

Tweet For years, the Guttmacher Institute has been calculating just how many unintended pregnancies are prevented–and how much money is saved–by investing in public family planning programs. It’s a depressingly necessary project, as conservatives have taken aim at such funding — both in the US and abroad — in their quest to slash the safety [...]
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Friday Feminist Fuck Yeah: Contraception

TweetHappy World Contraception Day! While I think we could use some better contraceptive options, there’s no question that we’re living in a golden age for birth control. Just take a look at this video from EngenderHealth on history’s worst contraceptives. Tweet
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Infographic: Americans spend more money on potato chips than on contraception

Tweet What do 222 million women in developing nations around the world have in common? They all want access to modern contraceptive. In a new video and infographic, Population Action International explains that if the U.S. contributed a mere .03% of its federal budget towards international family planning, they could provide the 222 million women– [...]
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Anonymous global health worker: The problem with Melinda Gates’ family planning crusade

Tweet*This is a guest post submitted by someone who wishes to remain anonymous because they work in the global health field and could lose their job for voicing these opinions. This post does not necessarily reflect the views of Feministing contributors or editors.  The press coverage has been glowing: Melinda Gates launches global crusade for [...]
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5 ways to celebrate World Population Day

TweetFriends, today is World Population Day. According to the UN, World Population Day is observed every July 11th to “reaffirm the human right to plan for a family” and to encourage “activities, events and information to help make this right a reality throughout the world.” I work within the UN system and these kinds of [...]
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