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What We Missed

Tweet More on the gender breakdown of election coverage from the 4th Estate. Here’s a pretty adorable video about kids unlearning stereotypes and learning they can be anything they want. Mitt Romney’s sister, Jane, assures us her brother’s “not going to be touching abortion.” Too bad she’s not the Republican nominee. An Israeli religious women’s [...]
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Is Mitt Romney the most dishonest presidential candidate ever?

TweetA lot has been written about just how dishonest the Romney campaign has been to date.  Maddow Blogs’ Steve Benen has a weekly roundup of the biggest falsehoods of the Republican presidential hopeful and he’s able to come up with exhaustive and lengthy lists every single week. Sure, running for president in the modern era [...]
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Outlook for 2012: Just as many (or more) abortion restrictions as previous year

Tweet Read it and weep. Just released Guttmacher Institute analysis shows that the year of 2012 will likely have just as many (and possibly more) state abortion restriction as 2011, which was a record number. Some findings from its mid-year report: In the first half of 2012, states have enacted 39 new restrictions on access to abortion 14 [...]
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On Wendy Long (and other women candidates who couldn’t care less about women)

Tweet Feministing Editor Emeritus Ann Friedman has said it before, and it’s become a kind of mantra here: A woman candidate is not the same thing as a woman’s candidate. New York GOP candidate for U.S. Senate Wendy Long pretty much embodies this statement — and she’s strongly vying for Senator Kristen Gillibrand’s seat. Luckily [...]
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What the Wisconsin election results mean for the future of progressive activism

Tweet There’s no way around it: the results of yesterday’s election in Wisconsin suck. In case you haven’t heard, Republican Governor Scott Walker defeated Democratic Mayor Tom Barrett of Milwaukee with 53 percent of the vote in a recall election that put it all on the line. The recall vote was only able to take place [...]
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