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Make GOTV calls to battleground states for Obama this weekend

Tweet This is the last weekend before Tuesday’s election.  Even if you don’t live in a battleground state you can make calls for President Obama and Democrats to any state (hint: OHIO) to help get out the vote. Click here to make calls now! Click here to check your polling location so that you can [...]
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Republican men need to shut up about rape forever

TweetAs a rape survivor, I’m having a really hard time this election cycle.  The constant talk about rape by Republican men in a way that is misogynistic, stupid, and insensitive is triggering.  I’m sick and tired of all this triggering talk about rape and I really wish they would just shut up! The latest in [...]
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Racing Obama: Are critiques of ethnic solidarity useful?

TweetThe conflict between different race ideologies has been ongoing during President Obama’s term. There are those who recognize the historic importance of a black president in a country as racially divided as the US. And there are those who are frustrated–despite having our first black president, some argue, there hasn’t been an actual shift in [...]
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Colbert to Trump, “1Million to the charity of your choice for me to dip my balls in your mouth”

TweetI sat down today to write a really serious post about racism and belonging (like Zerlina did) in light of Donald Trump’s “big announcement” yesterday. But its hard to engage with someone that makes it their business to annoy people or is a Known GOP Blowhard. His brand is to be a jerk–so I think the [...]
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Infographic: Trans voters and photo id laws

TweetAs E.J. Graff explores in her column over at the American Prospect, it’s pretty bizarre that we need to report our sex when we go to vote in the first place. “Why identify my sex [when I go to vote]?” Graff asks. “Would I get a different ballot?” The concept seems ridiculous until we realize [...]
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