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‘It’s not a traditional America anymore.’

TweetSome of us might have well considered the first term of the first African American President was a dream. A sweet dream that would come to end as we were all loss in the deluge of insider baseball talk between pundits, strategists, and pollsters. Watching last nights acceptance speech, I’d wondered in the back of Obama’s [...]
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Quick hit: By conflating sex work with trafficking, CA’s newly passed Prop 35 does more harm than good

Tweet“Under Prop 35, anyone involved in the sex trade could potentially be viewed as being involved in trafficking, and could face all of the criminal penalties associated with this redefinition of who is involved in “trafficking,” which include fines of between $500,000 and $1 million and prison sentences ranging from five years to life. This [...]
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Yay! Obama won big last night. So, how’d all those GOP rape apologist candidates do?

TweetWe know Obama won big last night, and that the election just may have come down to female voters (who somehow seem to have a way of shutting that whole thing down). So how did all those GOP rape apologist candidates do? A summary below. Todd “the female body has ways to shut that whole [...]
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Breaking: President Obama wins re-election

Tweet   At least 18 women – a record high – will serve in the Senate starting in 2013. Marriage equality, marijuana legalization propositions do well country-wide. While female candidates fared well, GOP anti-woman anti-abortion rights candidates were overwhelmingly defeated. Stay tuned for additional coverage and analysis.   Tweet
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Why every woman should vote tomorrow

Tweet This is just one of many crucial stats Mother Jones has put together (in poster form) for why the ladies need to GOTV this year. A few more stats:  1 in 4 voting age women is single 60 percent of female voters in swing states say birth control is very important in this election [...]
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