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Rep. Joe Walsh on “female, wounded veteran”: “Let’s move on. What else has she done?”

TweetWhether he’s refusing to pay his child support so he can afford to fund his campaign and go on luxury vacations, lying about not being able to afford it, calling President Obama a liar, or yelling at constituents, Illinois congressman and Tea Party darling Joe Walsh knows how to keep it classy. So, I shouldn’t [...]
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GOP field targets Romney on abortion record

TweetMitt Romney is the latest target of one of the GOP campaign playbook’s most effective tactics: the flip-flopper branding. Yesterday Personhood USA organized a forum for the GOP presidential field, and four of the Republican presidential candidates attacked frontrunner Mitt Romney, who wasn’t there, on his record on abortion rights. Mitt Romney’s shift from a mild [...]
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Faux-serious political ads: Serial killer Mitt vs. Aborted fetal parts

TweetThe 2012 election may end up being known as the one with all the not-quite-serious political ads. Yesterday, the “Definitely Not Coordinated With Stephen Colbert Super PAC” released this attack ad on Mitt Romney. Colbert, who formed the actual PAC last spring, passed control of it on to Jon Stewart last week so that he [...]
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Romney may have won the New Hampshire primary, but he’s still a jerk

TweetIn an unprecedented win, Mitt Romney took the NH primary by about 40% last night. It was unprecedented in that rarely does a nominee take Iowa and New Hampshire, however, Republican voter turn-out was lower than in 2008. From any objective stand-point the Republicans look screwed (and not in the good way), since most of [...]
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Romney is not sure we have a right to contraception, doesn’t understand the big deal anyway

TweetGiven that Romney is supposedly the moderate, reasonable Republican alternative to the extremism of Santorum, you’d think he’d want to draw the contrast a bit more clearly than he does in this clip from the New Hampshire debate. When asked if he, like Santorum, believes states have the right to ban contraception, Romney acted like [...]
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