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Breaking: PA court upholds controversial voter ID law

TweetCrap.  A Pennsylvania court has upheld the state’s controversial voter ID law which could disenfranchise thousands of eligible voters.  Elderly voters and people of color are disproportionately impacted by the law and the failure to block the law could impact the outcome in the key battleground state in November.  Via Talking Points Memo: Commonwealth Court [...]
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Sarah Palin, the veepstakes, and the “poisoned well”

TweetWhen a person becomes the first member of their minority group to do something, they carry an extra burden. They don’t just have to do the job – say, lead a nation – they have to do that job knowing that their performance will be considered representative of how every member of that group would [...]
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What went wrong in Wisconsin

TweetMost people are surprised when I tell them that I was born and raised in Wisconsin until the inevitable regional language flap (I say “water bubbler,” you say “water fountain”). I’ve trained my tongue to conform to a more region-less lingo. But when asked, I’m clear about my origins. I had admittedly been monitoring the [...]
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What Would Happen If Obama Supported Gay Marriage?

TweetWhile NC tries to ban gay marriage, yesterday Katie wrote about how Joe Biden is being pushed into the closet on gay marriage after expressing his full support on Meet The Press for same-sex marriage. Within hours of the appearance, a Biden aid  felt the need to clarify the comments and senior Obama campaign advisor [...]
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Gingrich drops out, nation awakes from months-long fever dream

TweetRemember that puzzling dream you had about a guy who ran for the GOP nomination having resigned under a cloud of scandal in the 1990s? Remember how that candidate from your dream was the opposite of a dream candidate – anti-gay, pro-racist dog whistles, anti-welfare, and pro-moon colony? And remember how the dream seemed to [...]
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