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Reason #4 to GOTV: You like your no-copay birth control

Tweet Ryan says it would “be gone” on “day one.” (I don’t know about you, but he’s getting this IUD outta me over my dead body.) Incidentally, the contraception mandate alone should probably earn Obama a “pro-life prize” for preventing so many abortions. Tweet
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Reason #3 to GOTV: Obama has been pretty good to us

Tweet His first term hasn’t been perfect, but there’s no doubt that President Obama has gotten some important things done. From signing the Lilly Ledbetter Act to passing health reform to standing strong on no-copay birth control, he’s done enough for women that when he says he cares about gender equality, you believe it. Romney, [...]
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Reason #2 to GOTV: Bo is the best first dog ever

Tweet Bo with a pirate version of himself this Halloween. ‘Nuff said. Tweet
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Happy Election Day! Here are some reasons to #GOTV

TweetHonestly, I feel a little bit like this girl: I doubt we have to remind any Feministing readers that there’s a lot in stake in this election. But as someone who sorta hates electoral politics, always feels burnt-out at this point in the season, and doesn’t exactly get a boner from having to actually go [...]
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Post-debate reflections: Big Bird is now a partisan issue

Tweet As a country, we all sat together last night waiting for what was to come in the debates yesterday evening. Surely, it would be a good show, considering how salacious election related headlines have been. We waited for gaffes and a few zingers–oh my! Or maybe talk of the 47%?! Or for Obama to [...]
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