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Hispanics hit hardest by the recession, new study finds

Tweet It’s a fact of life in the United States that race and class are not disparate categories, but correlated ones. A new study based on Census bureau data demonstrates exactly how this correlation plays out when a recession hits. The study, reported on today in the New York Times, … found that the median [...]
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The importance of lady vacations

TweetLast night over dinner and drinks I was hanging out with some old friends (I’m visiting my old home–the Bay Area–for a few weeks) and we got to talking about relationships and alone time. I emphatically stated that one reason I think I have stayed single for so long is that I am a person [...]
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Not Oprah’s Book Club: The Soul of Money

TweetLynne Twist, global development expert and founder of The Soul of Money Institute, pushes readers to get way below the surface when it comes to money, power, and social change in this book, The Soul of Money. In an interview, Twist explains her main approach to digging deep: Money drives so much about human behavior [...]
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Maya and Lori on the “Beached White Male”: Newsweek spews steam out of its blowhole

Tweet Newsweek published an article this week about the plight of the “Beached White Male.” It asks, “Can manhood survive the depression?” What a question! We decided to tackle that one together. Maya: First of all, let’s be clear who we’re talking about here. This article is specifically discussing college-educated white men ages 35 to [...]
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UK pay gap shrinks, but it’s not all good news

TweetGood news! The pay gap in the UK is shrinking! BBC reports that this year, the pay gap between men and women shrank to 10.2%, the lowest it has ever been since the government began keeping track of it. However, the news isn’t all good. While wages have risen for women on average, women who [...]
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