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Academic feminists pay my mortgage

TweetMuch has been said and written about the academic-activist feminist divide. Some of us, such as our very own Samhita, have written about the ways in which academic feminism actually serves as a site of transformation. Others, including myself, have expressed feeling alienated by some of the more esoteric language and theoretical posturing that goes [...]
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Woman tipped to replace DSK at IMF is a CBA

Tweet CBA – my sister’s initials, but also, a handy acronym for Complete Bad Ass. The CBA in question is Christine Lagarde, the trailblazing French Minister of Economic Affairs. Lagarde, a lawyer by training, is the first woman to hold that post, and the first woman to helm a G8 economy. Before that, she was [...]
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BP oil disaster, one year later

TweetIt’s been a year since the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and as such, seems a fitting time to check out the incredible Naomi Klein talking about the larger implications. Klein is working on a book related to this topic. Can. Not. Wait. And for more for what it’s been like for [...]
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Why I would pay more taxes

Tweet Via tmblg It’s tax day, that annual event which many folks gripe about–having to decipher complicated tax codes and documents, and sometimes, paying more to Uncle Sam. It’s also a particularly pertinent tax day amidst conversations about a growing deficit and severe budget cuts across the board nationally. It’s also a time of the [...]
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A neophyte philanthropist’s guide to giving

Tweet As I’ve written before, when people think of philanthropists, images of Warren Buffet and Bill Gates often come to mind. In truth, the most quintessential philanthropist looks more like your grocery clerk, 7th grade teacher, or heck, you! Across nearly all income levels women are more likely to give and on average give more [...]
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