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Toward a nuanced, feminist discussion on Venezuela

TweetIf you’re paying attention to international news, you may have noticed that there’s something happening in Venezuela. And depending on what news sources you’re reading, you might be hearing extremely different things. What you’ll have trouble hearing, though, is a nuanced perspective that doesn’t either dismiss or glorify my homeland’s socialist government. So I guess [...]
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Quick hit: “The logic of stupid poor people”

Tweet I cannot recommend this piece by Tressie McMillan Cottom highly enough. It’s about why people who don’t have a lot of money spend money on luxury items. Spoiler alert: it’s because they are people, too, even though plenty of Americans struggle to remember that. I do not know how much my mother spent on [...]
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Quick hit: Ta-Nehisi on why we have ghettos

TweetSpoiler alert: It’s not by chance. You must read TNC’s piece at The Atlantic today, about housing policy in the 1950s and how it created and reinforced the racial wealth gap. It’s a story of legalized exploitation, of how the structures and policies of the United States government were not perverted, but used as intended, [...]
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Step right up, job creators

TweetGwen Moore is a Democratic Congresswoman representing Wisconsin’s 4th congressional district, a staunch defender of reproductive freedom, a woman who school you if you try to couch your anti-choice views in faux-concern about “Black genocide,” and now, it seems, a poet. Here she is reading a poem of her own writing, called “Job Creators.” Transcript [...]
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Rosanne Barr speaks at Occupy Wall Street protest

TweetYesterday marked the fourth day of the Occupy Wall Street protest in lower Manhattan. Activists are speaking out against corporate power over the political system. Or, in the words of Roseanne Barr, who made a surprise appearance on Monday, the fact that “we’re all royally screwed.” The actress, who is now officially running for president, [...]
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