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“Dear Prudence” columnist publishes rape denialism manifesto advising women to “stop getting drunk”

Tweet Emily Yoffe aka Slate advice columnist “Prudence” is a rape denialist. We’ve known this for years because she repeatedly denies clear instances of rape in her advice column. But until she published this morning’s rape denialism manifesto on Slate, lamenting that a “misplaced fear of blaming the victim has made it somehow unacceptable” to warn women of the [...]
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Binge drinking, straw man arguments and rape prevention

TweetIn 2007, I went out to a party with my friends. It wasn’t a night where I was drinking more than usual but I had a few cocktails. It was a work night so by the end I was mostly tired more than drunk and just ready to go home. When I got home, however, [...]
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I’ll get drunk if I want: Why victim-blaming is never a feminist act

TweetAs Miriam mentioned yesterday, The Frisky published a post called, “Why Being Drunk Is A Feminist Issue.” The more I think about alcohol and its relationship to sexual assault, the more I am convinced that binge drinking is a feminist issue—one that young women in the U.S. need to think about in addition to more [...]
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Quick Hit: The economics of “Ladies drink free”

TweetEver wondered why it is that some night clubs charge women less for entry than they charge men, or let them drink for free? Is it because these establishments are aware of the gender pay gap and are trying to exercise a little after-hours affirmative action? Is it because they are deeply invested in the [...]
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The Fourth R: Relationships

TweetAlaska schools have introduced a new program to curb the high rates of sexual assault and domestic violence experienced by teens across the state. “The Fourth R” is a curriculum designed to help reduce teen pregnancy, drinking and violent relationships by teaching young people refusal and delay skills which experts believe is particularly useful in [...]
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