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On the new documentary After Tiller and how anti-choicers ignore the complexity of life

Tweet In the more than five years I’ve been active in the reproductive rights movement, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how to convince anti-choice folks to support abortion rights. For awhile it was my job since I worked in communications. More generally, I think it’s just because I’m a self-righteous writer–I strongly [...]
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Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

TweetBy Chloe and Alexandra The Hairpin interviews Dr. Susan Robinson, “one of the last four doctors in America to openly provide third-trimester abortions.” What does manhood mean in 2013? Feminism causes mass shootings. And sexting. After Tiller reframes the abortion debate. “I wonder if Nixon is bugging us now.” Want to see more films with women [...]
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Watch the trailer for the new documentary “After Tiller”

TweetI’ve been looking forward to this film coming out since the early days of the project, and the just-released trailer has be even more excited. Created by Martha Shane and Lana Wilson, After Tiller follows the lives of the four remaining late-term abortion providers in the aftermath of Dr. Tiller’s assissination. It hits theaters on September [...]
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Take action: Clear Channel pulls ads for a clinic that provides abortions for violating “decency standards”

TweetClear Channel, the conservative media giant that controls a ton of this country’s airwaves and has a history of sexism, has pulled ads for a reproductive healthcare clinic. South Wind Women’s Center, the clinic that opened in the wake of Dr. Tiller’s murder and the closing of his original clinic to ensure abortion access in [...]
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Weekly Feminist Reader

Tweet Patrick Stewart answers a fan’s unexpected question. Sex workers engage in democratic political processes. Duh. It’s not just Facebook that has an online hate speech problem. Donate to Transgender Studies Quarterly. Jessica writes about #FBrape as a potential feminist tipping point at The Nation. A letter to the President on the anniversary of Dr. [...]
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