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VA legislator Bob Marshall says children with disabilities are God’s punishment for abortion

TweetVirginia State Delegate Bob Marshall said Thursday at a press conference opposing funding for Planned Parenthood that children with disabilities are a punishment from God for women who have previously had abortions: “The number of children who are born subsequent to a first abortion with handicaps has increased dramatically. Why? Because when you abort the [...]
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Leslie Feinberg: telling stories through photos

Tweet I recently came across this flickr page, from Leslie Feinberg (pictured above). Leslie is best known for Stone Butch Blues, a novel about queer folks in the 1950s and the struggles they faced, including constant violence and police brutality. Leslie’s body of work includes Transgender Warriors and Trans Liberation, two non-fiction books, and Drag [...]
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Thank You Thursdays: Judi Chamberlin

TweetJudi Chamberlin is the kind of civil rights leader you’ve probably never heard of. She passed away last week, so it’s beyond time that we honored her legacy of fighting for the rights of those with mental health issues to be treated with dignity and respect. Her story began in the 60s when she was [...]
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Psychiatry’s Bias Problem

TweetThe Association for Women in Psychology (AWP) is continually analyzing and advocating about bias, particularly gender-related, in psychiatric diagnosis, but they’ve got their eyes on the prize these days: the DSMV, set to be published in 2013. For those who aren’t familiar, the DSM, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, is essentially the bible [...]
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The “myth of independence”

TweetMia Mingus, a friend and well-respected activist in a number of movements (including reproductive justice and disability justice, among others) recently posted some excerpts from talks she has given around the country. I’ve heard her talk about this concept of interdependence and it has always struck a chord with me. While I am not disabled, [...]
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