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Help Colorlines celebrate love

Tweet Colorlines Editor Kai Wright told readers earlier this month that he wants to celebrate love more at Colorlines. I’m not entirely sure, but I believe it’s in response to the recent barrage of youth suicides. Either way, I think it’s a fabulous idea. In Kai’s words: There may be a long road ahead to [...]
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Nebraska to pass extreme, first-of-its-kind anti-choice bill

TweetActually, make that two. Nebraska Republican Governor Dave Heineman said that he plans to sign legislation today which would require doctors to screen women for mental and physical problems that could pose as a “risk” after getting an abortion. In short, abortion providers in Nebraska are completely fucked. The other bill to be passed later [...]
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Review: Prodigal Sons

TweetTranscript after the jump Last week I went to see the new documentary, Prodigal Sons, by Kimberly Reed. All I had read was the IMDB description of the film. I had honestly expected that it would be primarily about Kimberly’s experiences as a trans woman. What I found was instead a complicated story about family, [...]
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Temple Grandin calls for “real change in the real world”

TweetMost of you have probably heard of Temple Grandin, noted autistic professor, writer, and inventor. Her work centers around psychological diversity and has so many implications. After all, if we’re asking people to accept that there is no “normal” way of demonstrating gender identity or sexuality, then shouldn’t we get hip to the idea that [...]
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Guest Post: Feminism, Disability, and John Currin

TweetJennifer Bartlett contributes her second guest post, an interview with artist Sunuara Taylor. Note: All the art works included are by Sunny. Without further adieu: JB: I’ve been exploring the idea of disability as a strength rather than the societal perception of the disabled body as ‘weak.’ My idea derives from the concept that people [...]
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