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A letter to your sixteen-year-old self

TweetLetters of Note, one of my favourite blogs, recently posted a few pages from the book Dear Me: A Letter to My Sixteen-Year-Old Self. The book was compiled a couple of years ago as a fundraiser for HIV/AIDS prevention, and it consists of letters, written by a range of famous people – Yoko Ono, Stephen [...]
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Tina Fey, Scream 4, and the pros and cons of “undercover feminism”

Tweet In this insightful article on the F-word blog, Lara Williams asks a truly provocative question: “can non-overt feminism be the most radical of all?” She notes that “having watched both Scream 4 and the concluding episodes of French crime-drama Spiral this week, I was struck by how feminist both were. And yet, on closer [...]
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What do you mean when you say justice?

TweetI do not know how bad a life has to break in order to kill. I’ve never been so hungry that i willed hunger, Never so angry as to want a gun over a pen. -Suheir Hammad, First Writing Since I realized something Sunday night when the news of Osama bin Laden’s assassination broke and [...]
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Are there alternatives to the failing national reproductive rights organizing model?

TweetMy post last week about how national organizations let abortion rights be used as a pawn in the budget fight has generated some interesting questions. Most important and challenging, I think: so what do we do? What’s the answer? If our current organizing model is failing us, what should we be doing instead? I wish [...]
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In budget fight, pro-choice organizations get played again

TweetThe role of the pro-choice community in the last minute budget deal is a sad one: we were totally used. We have not had a major victory for abortion rights at the federal level since Roe v. Wade. Instead, we’ve been losing since the passage of the Hyde Amendment. Almost 40 years of losing strategy [...]
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