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In [Partial] Defense of the Hipster Generation

Tweet All this talk about youth in the pro-choice movement and the legacy of baby boomer activists, including civil rights leaders, has got me thinking about what my own generation’s legacy will be. And, surprisingly, scarily, tellingly, I’ve come up with this one word, a word that inspires fear, disgust, and admiration simultaneously; a ubiquitous [...]
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Designers in Paris Veil Models in Protest of Proposed Burka Ban.

Tweet This story is a few weeks late, but my roommate just sent me a link to a runway show from last month where two French designers had their models go down the runway with “burqa-inspired” looks on, to protest the currently proposed burqa ban in France. This was also a theme in last years [...]
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When Cultural Appropriation Goes Too Far.

TweetOne of my biggest struggles when I was living in the San Francisco Bay Area as a South Asian, was the unapologetic way self-proclaimed new-agers would appropriate Indian culture. Wearing Indian inspired clothing, listening to Indian music, eating Indian foods, studying Indian traditional medicine and of course, practicing yoga (including all various types of chanting [...]
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Burning Man and the Indigenous Community.

TweetLast year I attended Burning Man and wrote a piece about my experiences with what I considered the culture of unapologetic appropriation at Burning Man in the name of freedom and art. This post started a huge flame-war, both here at Feministing, along with Burning Man message boards across the country. I knew I had [...]
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