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Feministing Jamz: Listen to this awesome cover of Lorde’s “Royals”

Tweet If you remember, Vero’s post about the Grammy award-winning song “Royals” kinda blew up the Interwebs by pointing out the cognitive flaw in Lorde’s cultural critique of music, youth, and consumer culture. Vero rightly pointed out something that didn’t sit well with me either. The concern I shared with Vero was that while the lyrics [...]
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Pantene says you can wash that sexism right out of your hair

Tweet Don’t you hate it how people are labelled differently for engaging in the same behaviour? What’s “persuasive” in a man is labelled “pushy” in a woman. A father who stays up all night working is “dedicated,” but a woman who does that is “selfish.” That is, like,  so unfair. Luckily, that problem has a [...]
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Ellen Degeneres endorses Bic For Her pens

TweetYou probably saw the Amazon reviews of Bic For Her pens, which went viral a few weeks back. Ellen Degeneres is a bit late to the party, but oh, am I glad she showed up. “They come in both lady colours: pink and purple, and they’re just like regular pens except they’re pink, so they [...]
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The personal is political: princess parties

TweetAs we wound round and round in circles, nice little breaks from the monotony of the chicken dance, my goddaughter, R., stared up at the “real live princess” with big, serious eyes. Every move the princess made–whether twisting a pink balloon into a phallic sword for her male cousin, or painting a butterfly on her [...]
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Guest post: consciously clothed

TweetThis guest post on fashion, among other things, comes to us from Jessi Arrington, a designer, creative philanthropist, and as our mutual friend Chris described her, an “outfit scientist.” Her full bio is after the jump. Raise your hand if you think what you wear matters! I’d like to make the case that it does, [...]
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