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Gender discussions at Feministing

TweetFirst of all, I want to reiterate why I wasn’t able to engage in this conversation earlier. I was attending a board meeting this weekend and did not want to begin a conversation I could not participate in. Comment moderation is a struggle at Feministing and I wanted to be present and able to do [...]
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Our Community Bloggers rock!

TweetCommunity blogger Lynne C. had a post that she wrote for Feministing reprinted in the Toronto Star. And yesterday we got a radio interview request for another Community blogger to speak about the issues she’s been covering. I think this is totally bad ass – and part of the reason we wanted to start the [...]
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American Life League on Feministing Community

TweetIt seems the American Life League has discovered the Feministing Community site and, shockingly, isn’t a fan. (Granted, this post was a controversial one – but hey, that’s what community discourse is about!) Thanks to evilslutopia for the heads up! Tweet
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New Community Feature!

TweetIn our everlasting quest to make Feministing better, we’ve implemented a new function that allows editors to “front page” a community post. Basically, that means if we see a community post we really don’t want readers to miss, in addition to recommending it, we’ll reprint it on Feministing’s main page. (It will stay on the [...]
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Your Guide to the Community Blog

TweetIt’s been over a month since we launched the community blog, and already you’ve written 400 entries! Because the blog is still kind of in experimental mode, we’ve got some bugs to fix and things to get it right. One thing we thought might be helpful was a more detailed guide to becoming a Feministing [...]
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