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The Feministing Five: Hari Kondabolu and Janine Brito

TweetHari Kondabolu (pictured right) and Janine Brito (pictured left) are brave comics who aren’t afraid to speak truth to power and give a voice to the marginalized. Hari’s standup takes on white folks’ appropriation of Native American dress, the impossibility of a white Jesus, and that ever-pervasive question posed to people of color: “Where are [...]
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Really, DC Comics? (Cat)women don’t bend like that

Tweet What reaction did DC Comics think they were going to get with this “anatomy-be-damned,” “sub-Maxim” cover for Catwoman #0? I mean, really. It was, after all, just a month ago that the internet was laughing about this brilliant reversal of the tired, sexist “look at my ass” treatment given to female superheros. Here are [...]
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Conservative moms outraged – just outraged! – by gay comic book hero

TweetLast week, DC Comics announced that one of their characters is going to be coming out soon. Over at The Advocate, they suspect it’ll be The Green Lantern. Marvel has also announced that Northstar, its first openly gay superhero, is going to marry his boyfriend in an upcoming installment. As you might imagine, the mothers [...]
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Newspapers censor “Doonesbury” strips about abortion news

Tweet All this week, “Doonesbury” is running a series of comic strips about the ultrasound laws that have popped up recently. The first strip features an abortion patient being sent to the “Shaming Room.” I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise in our current political climate that some newspapers have decided not to run [...]
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A world where there are waiting periods for war, not abortion

Tweet Go here for a larger version of the cartoon. Counter-earth: Such a strange place! So different from the world we know–where a President’s unilateral power to wage war is now essentially unchecked and the price tag is apparently of little concern. But getting an abortion? Well, that can never be hard enough. [Via] Tweet
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