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Tweet Egyptian cartoonist Doaa Eladl publishes a controversial cartoon criticizing FGC. The North Dakota Senate has approved a ban on abortions after six-weeks of pregnancy, the most restrictive in the country. Both cops involved in Kimani Gray’s murder had already been named in federal lawsuits. The Middle East’s first women’s museum has opened in Dubai. [...]
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The Feministing Five: Bonnie McFarlane

TweetIt’s 2013 yet the ever-pervasive myth that women aren’t funny persists. Men like the late Christopher Hitchens, who wrote the piece “Why Women Aren’t Funny” in Vanity Fair, and comedian Adam Carolla (if you could call what he does comedy) have ensured that this absurd notion has remained throughout time. Thanks to Bonnie McFarlane’s new [...]
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Artie Lange makes sexist comments, Jimmy Fallon laughs, audience applauds

TweetJimmy Fallon is charming, enthusiastic, and totally non-controversial. Ask any fan or casual “Late Night” viewer, and you’ll hear things like, “Yeah, he seems like a really nice guy.” Recently, however, Fallon was also the conduit for Artie Lange (a washed-up comedian and self-identified “G-List” celebrity) to spew sexism and to promote ogling and objectifying [...]
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Viral misogyny alert: “The Women of LA”

TweetUgh. The Nice Guys of OKCupid “DJ Lubel”–the guy behind the Murray Hill video from 2009–has released a new spoof music video, “The Women of LA,” complaining about how bitchy women won’t provide the sex he and his friends deserve. The clip is so awful for so many reasons that I don’t know how to [...]
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Watch Jamie Kilstein tell funny rape jokes

TweetJamie Kilstein reminisces about when he went on TV and said “rape is bad” and then the internet exploded. Thanks, Jamie, for demonstrating how to be an outspoken male feminist–and for proving once again that there are, in fact, funny rape jokes. Anyone have time to write up a transcript in the comments? Much appreciated! Update: [...]
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