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Comedian Aziz Ansari on the ridonkulousness of marriage

Tweet Nothing helps demonstrate the absurdity of society’s sacred institutions like a little bit of comedy. Tweet
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Video: The U.S. is worse for immigrants than immigrants are for the U.S.

TweetConfusing, right? We are so used to listening to rhetoric about how immigrants are bad for our country that we never consider whether their lives here are worth all the sacrifices so many make to come to our country. The Daily Show does a great piece here on what academics call the “immigrant paradox,” wherein [...]
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A Gynotician: “A BA in Biologicalish Studies and Rhetoric”

Tweet Amazing. Thank you, Amber Tamblyn and David Cross. h/t Raw Story. Apologies folks – no transcript yet. If someone could put on in comments, that would be so great! UPDATE: Amanda MThanks to Amanda M. we now have the transcript to the video. Hurrah!  Check it out below the jump. Tweet
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Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

TweetIn January and February 2013, NYT reporters quoted 3.4 times as many male sources as female sources. CU Boulder now under federal investigation for violating Title IX. Unemployment and its symptoms. Video shows ten men cheering while they gang-rape a 13-year-old girl. I don’t understand book trailers, but… Atwood. Single moms and extracurricular fundraising. Mothers [...]
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Rebel Wilson, coming to a TV near you

TweetI cried when I watched this trailer. Because it makes me cry to watch unapologetically fat, confident women being really good at their jobs, being recognised for it, and making their revolutionary bodies part of that success. It makes me cry like a big feminist baby. Damn, Rebel Wilson, you make me (even) proud(er) to [...]
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